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WVGHA 2004

Squirrels and Lightning Bolt Boy...

WV Governor's Honors Academy 2004!
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Okay, I broke down and made us a GHA LJ community!!! Ain't it great? :) Here we can post what's going on, reunion details, pics, whatever. Only rules as of now are as follows:

1. This community is only for alumni of WV GHA 2004. If you don't know what that is, then you weren't there.
2. When you join up, please make a post letting everybody know who you are, just to keep track of everybody. It also might be a good idea if you put what you had for Intensive and Broadbased classes, just for kicks.

Your happy moderator for this community is rosethorn05. Comment there if you need anything.

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Please note that this community is for alumni of GHA 2004 only. Membership is currently based on the honor system (we trust that if you join, you were there), but if you join and are not an alum you will be deleted.

If you are looking for other West Virginia-related communities, please visit these:
wva Basic WV community.
subterranean_wv General WV stuff. Mostly high school/college types.

There are also many more if you search West Virginia in interests.

Have fun!