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Wed, Jun. 8th, 2005, 10:38 pm
dontwatchthis: The Facebook

Hey, it's Amanda Duelley. I am just wondering which GHAers are on The Facebook. I am and I was looking to add other people from GHA to my friends list. Those who aren't should check out the website. It is an awesome way to network in college.


Mon, May. 23rd, 2005, 10:29 am
mystrysinspratn: (no subject)

Ah! guys, I miss you all! So how's everyone feeling while gearing up to graduate? I'm so excited and nervous at the same time about what's up next. But for now I'm bored cause I have no car, and most of my friends are still in school. *pout* haha

On a lighter note, I have a cell phone now, so call me! (although the more you wait until 9 or wekends, the more I'll love you, lol) Here's the number:


Use it! Abuse it! Love it!

WIth all my love,

~+*+~ Morgan C. ~+*+~

Sun, Apr. 24th, 2005, 09:51 pm
rosethorn05: GHA 2005

Hey guys!

They've got the list of people selected for GHA 2005 at Fairmont State posted on the GHA Website


Thought you might be interested.


Wed, Apr. 6th, 2005, 05:52 pm
mystrysinspratn: SURVEY... sorry it's so long!!!

Here's my survey for AP Psychology. Sorry it's so long, but it IS a semester research paper! ^.^ hahaha. Thank you guys so much for doing this for me! I've talked to some GHA people recently, and as always it reminds me of how much I love, appreciate, and MISS you guys!
Thank you!

Some of the questions on this survey may seem nonsensical or not possible to you. Please do not make creative answers to these questions, but instead answer with N/A for not applicable. On those questions which give space, please provide an explanation for any answers you can. This survey is to be filled out as though you were not under the influence of any medication and were in an unaltered state of mind. Please be completely honest, as your name will not appear on the survey.

Gender _____________
Age ________________
Occupation (if still in school write student) _____________
What hand do you write with? ______________

Are any of your senses severely impaired or non-present? If yes, please explain. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Do you believe you perceive sensations differently from your peers? Explain. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
What do you feel when you see the color orange? _____________________________
What color do you see this letter as? A _____________________________________
D o y o u f ee l t h a t t h e c o l o r s o f t h e s e l e tt e r s a r e i n c o rr e c t ?________________________
What color is 5+2? ____________
Do you have physical format and arrangement to your units of time, letters, or numbers? (Ex: “My days of the week are laid out like a “candy land” game board, each with a particular color.”) Explain. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Do any particular words have a color they produce? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
When hearing a particular sound or seeing a particular texture or color, do you have physical sensations (such as an itching of the eyelids every time you hear chimes)? Explain. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
What color or texture does hearing classical music produce? Radio or television static? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What sound (s) does the color red produce? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Do sights, sounds, or sensations evoke a body position that is constant every time? Explain it. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Do you find that one sensory experience evokes another sensation that is not truly present or is not being stimulated? Which ones? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Do sounds or sights ever produce a taste in your mouth? Explain if possible. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Are your shapes accompanied by a particular taste or smell? Which? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Are spicy foods or other intense tastes accompanied by visual representations of the flavor, or do they produce body positioning other than facial reactions? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Can you taste your words? _______________________________________________
If a person in front of you is facing the wall to your right, which hand, the one nearest you or the one farthest, is their left hand? ___________________________________
Did you answer that question quickly, or with uncertainty? _____________________


Please put a * beside every statement you feel applies:

All five of my senses are present and not seriously impaired.

I do well in school. (or I did)

I do well in trivia games.

- I can read maps easily.

-I am fairly good at mathematics.

I have found it very easy to learn foreign languages.

I am very good at using correct grammar in my writing.

-I balance my checkbook fairly easily.

I am a socially active person.

I often confuse my left for my right, though I know which is which.

I get lost and/or turned around fairly easily in new places or when driving.

I am an artistic person.

I enjoy music and see myself as musically talented.

My major or occupation has to deal with art or creative writing. (please circle which)

I enjoy creative writing.

I am productive and accepted at work.

I prefer order, neatness, symmetry and/or balance.

I am a diagnosed dyslexic.

I have a history or seizures.

I have been diagnosed with a brain tumor at any point in my life.

At least one member of my family within two generations of me has been diagnosed with attention deficit

At least one member of my family within two generations of me has been diagnosed with autism.

At least one member of my family within two generations of me has been diagnosed with dyslexia.

At least one member of my family within two generations of me has been diagnosed with synesthesia.

I often experience the feelings of déjà vu.

I believe I am a very important person to others or to my cause.

I believe I have / have had “unusual experiences” such as clairvoyance, precognitive dreams, a sense of another presence, empathic healing, or psychokenesis.

I derive pleasure from my senses.

I do not believe my sensory experiences are different from anyone else’s.


Please put a * beside every statement you feel applies:

I have a very good memory.

I associate personalities with my numbers or letters.

People have their own color or colored aura that is consistent to them.

I often flip numbers, letters, or words when I am reading or writing.

People often do not see, hear, feel, or smell all of the things I do.

Particular moods or emotions make me literally see colors.

I have perfect pitch.

I see colors along with my letters or numbers, and each has it’s own individual color.

Certain words produce a sour or bitter taste in my mouth.

I see two colors in a word, letter, number, or shape at the same time, one on top of the other, and one
that I can sometimes “turn off”.

Certain colors can actually change my moods quite noticeably.

I often see colors or shapes inside my “mind’s eye”, though I know they are not present in the physical

I use the colors of my words, letters, or numbers to help me read or do math problems.

I become nauseated at music or sounds.

The colors of many billboard words are not correct / do not match up with the colors I see the words as.

Sometimes my differences in sensory perception lead me to withdrawal from others or not express myself or
experiences to them.


If you answered positively to any of the questions on the above section, are your experiences consistent?
---Are you completely sure that you experience these things? ______________________
---Did they begin on their own (without conscious association)? ____________________

---Have they been happening for as long as you can remember? If no, when did they begin? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
---Are they more vivid when resting or tired?___________________________________


Please do not guess on any of the following. If you cannot remember definitely, then you may leave the question blank or mark N/A.

Without looking, what was the mathematical equation used earlier in the survey? If you cannot remember, indicate so; please do not guess. ______________________________

Where is the utensil drawer located in your best friend’s, or frequently visited neighbor or family member’s home? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Where does your family keep the spatulas? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What color is the couch in your best friend’s home? ______________________________

How many rooms are in the first hallway you reach in your school or workplace? If not applicable, how many isles are in your local grocery store? (Please indicate which situation used.) ___________________________________________________________

Other than the person who handed you this, who were the last three people you talked to from most recent to least recent? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Tue, Apr. 5th, 2005, 07:09 pm
mystrysinspratn: HELP!!!!!

Hey guys...

If I were to post on here a survey for my semester research paper for my AP psych class, could I manage to get you all who post here to take it for me? PLEASE?! Especially the guys, cuase I don't have as many men as women at this point.

Thank you guys soooooo much!

Love to all,
Morgan C.

Fri, Apr. 1st, 2005, 04:03 pm
rosethorn05: Another fork stuck in the road

So, as graduation draws nearer, I believe it is time we all figured out just what's happening with all of us. I realize that many of you have probably posted answers to the questions I'm about to ask in your own individual journals, but in this post, it will be sort of central and people can see it if they missed a post or two of your journal. I'll add it as a memory and I encourage all of you to do the same on your accounts.

So here goes, comment with your answers (I will too!)

1. At what institution of higher learning will you be next year?

2. What do you plan to major in?

3. What extracurricular stuff do you plan to pursue in college?

4. Will you be part of any special Honors Program?

5. Will you miss high school at all?



Sat, Mar. 5th, 2005, 10:10 pm
scsugababy96: (no subject)

Come see Tom Flanagan at the Charleston Town Center Mall at 7:00, meet outside of Kauffman's.
Call my cell phone (304) 389-6010

Come!!! I miss you!!! I love you guys!!!

Thu, Mar. 3rd, 2005, 06:04 pm
scsugababy96: (no subject)

DUDE! Tom Flanagan is coming into Charleston on Sunday to speak to the legislature on Tueday and wants to seeeeee everyone! Because we dont' know the specific time he's coming in, I was thinking perhaps something in the evening, around 6 or 7. I think everyone knows where the mall is, right? Get back to me.

Thu, Mar. 3rd, 2005, 03:47 pm
ilostmynamesake: (no subject)

So, anyone know the specifics on the reunion in Charleston sunday? Lemme know when anyone does.

Sun, Jan. 23rd, 2005, 02:08 am
allstar05: (no subject)

I was just sitting here thinking about GHA and thought to myself that maybe, just maybe there was a GHA community on LJ...so I went looking and stumbled upon it and I was so overly joyed to see that I haven't lost total touch with all of you. So I eagerly joined and then I saw that Kelly Trimble had a LJ and i read one entry and started cracking up because in my mind I could still hear her deep Mingo county accent and how it was so awesome to listen to and grew even thicker when she would talk about one special RA from GHA...she still cracks me up. I miss everyone...even Kelly's great accent, you just don't find kool things like that around here.

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