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Tue, Jul. 19th, 2005, 01:47 am
ilostmynamesake: One year later...

So, seeing as it's the one year anniversary of that last good-bye we remember so painfully well, I thought I'd do something nice on here.

Leave a comment.
Put a memory of GHA.
Then one from after GHA that made you wish you were back there.
Then write how you think your life would be now if you hadn't gone.
Finally, two reunion ideas: One for the near future, like before we go to college next month, and one for the distant future, like ten years from now.

Thanks for the memories. They've lasted a year so far, and I know there's more to come.

Wed, Jul. 20th, 2005 02:45 am (UTC)
allstar05: Sweet Memories

Climbing up into the trees with senior Yurick and Mitch then climbing back down and spinning till I was almost unconcious with Dina...then the long talks that Steve and I always had on our outings, somehow they always made sense. Oh, and trying to convince Jenny that we were the smallest standing forms in the field therefore we weren't going to get hit first. The DCI Tri-State festival where I thought I was going to pee my pants because I was so so happy....I could go on forever.

When I went to yearbook camp in Gettysburg and was totally and utterly alone in my dorm room and at the camp for six days. I missed Kristin and everyone so much. After I returned home to find that my friends weren't the same, my boyfriend wasn't either and things weren't as I had left them when I left a month before. It made me long for the stability of 'true to themselves' people with interesting ideas and stories..and mostly it made me long for the feeling of firmilarity and belonging that I had never had in my life and to this day can't truly find.

My life wouldn't be totally different but I can say that through GHA I learned that everyone won't always except you for who you are but those who do are precious. I would've never broken up with my boyfriend and would've taken the initative to get into another relationship only to have it faulter. Yet, through GHA I learned to take risks, challenge who I am and who those are around me to somehow create that sense of stability because I know now that the friends I have and the person I am are who they want to be and who I want to be regardless of anyone's disliking. The relationship I have now with the said boyfriend has been through so much and yet it's survived. I proved that I'm not my own worst enemy and neither is the world.

In the near future we should go white water rafting at the new river or have a pic nic there or something of that nature...ya know make a whole day of it.

In ten years we should meet on the lawn of Buskirk and host a field day/mini-classes day where we and our families bring photos and share memories of the experience and we have line dancing and taka drums as well as the crazy russian producer from the play...yes all of that in one day.

I Love You All!! and you too Sarah!!! (threw that in there coz you said you loved me =D )