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Tue, Jul. 19th, 2005, 01:47 am
ilostmynamesake: One year later...

So, seeing as it's the one year anniversary of that last good-bye we remember so painfully well, I thought I'd do something nice on here.

Leave a comment.
Put a memory of GHA.
Then one from after GHA that made you wish you were back there.
Then write how you think your life would be now if you hadn't gone.
Finally, two reunion ideas: One for the near future, like before we go to college next month, and one for the distant future, like ten years from now.

Thanks for the memories. They've lasted a year so far, and I know there's more to come.

Tue, Jul. 19th, 2005 04:28 pm (UTC)

Spinning/climbing trees/laying out under the storm clouds

The 2 1/2 hour drive home from the Braxton Reunion.

My senior year might have been a bit better, but only because I wouldn't have had GHA to compare it to. I wouldn't be very open with people, much like I was when GHA first started. I wouldn't know any of you, which, knowing what I know now, would've been a huge loss for me. The academic meets would've felt a bit lonely, since I wouldn't know the members of so many other teams (State Meet was awesome).

We do need a reunion. How about wreaking very mild havoc on some city like Charleston, Huntington, Parkersburg... You know, just wandering through the town doing stupid stuff. Though the picnic/campout would be good if we could figure out a place for it.

Huntington sounds good, and since it'll be summer, we can visit the campus (without seeming creepy) and try to relive certain parts of the experience.